Tao of Mal is just a  simple name I came up with that gives a shout out to Taoism and my given name, Malcolm. For almost 15 years I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness.  I have read many books and have looked at quite a few YouTube videos on the subject of meditation. However, life has been my biggest teacher and influence.  Whether it was taking the 2 train to the Bronx for an hour and a half to teach inner city kids with disabilities, dealing with the deaths of friends and family or becoming a better father and husband,  meditation has guided and comforted me.  My experience has taught me that sitting and consciously breathing for 5 or 30 minutes in the morning or listening to ocean waves is as Allen Iverson would say”practice.” The real deal is applying it to everyday life and situations.

When teaching meditation to others, I leave the religion and philosophy out of it. It is all about finding ways within ourself to become more relaxed and focused. It does not have to be complex, when you are in a relaxed state, you tend to be less tense which will lead you to be happier and in a better mood.
Being in a state of calm and relaxation can help others who are tense and anxious to relax and be calm themselves, especially in particularly tough times or situations. When we are feeling happy and in a good emotional place at work, we tend to make better decisions and be much more efficient in the way we do our work. Staying calm and stress free will help you focus more on what is really important in life; our families, friends, hobbies and other enjoyable moments. The health benefits of are numerous: Increased immunity, lower blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease to name a few.

The Tao of Mal blog consists of true stories from my everyday life that illustrate lessons I have learned through the lens of meditation. I have also included several stories from clients I have worked with.  I enjoy hearing how meditation has helped others in their life. If you would like to learn more or begin a practice, contact me at taoofmal@gmail.com

With Love,


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  1. Judith Purnell

    I am interested in reading more of what you have written. Please notify me of any future posts.

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