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Acceptance and Surrender: The New York City Impound

Many of the books I have read always talk about the ability to accept and surrender to what is. I freely admit,this is an area where I have plenty of room to grow to put it mildly. I think I have begun to understand that I cannot stress the things that I have no control over.

My boy Ramadan and I used to hit the clubs up all the time. We would drive in from Queens to Manhattan. It didn’t matter the day of the week. Tuesday was rude movement and platinum lounge up in Harlem. Wednesday was B1 and Scotch Bonnet, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were first Fridays, starfoos, canal room, Rahj at the Groove and countless networking events. One night we had driven to club discoteque in midtown. This was a frequent stop of ours. A promotion called freedom party hosted these events and they were always good times. All night we were dancing to the classics from the Jackson 5 to Bell Biv Devoe. After a night of hanging, cracking mad jokes and of course to talking to the ladies, we left the club at around 3:30 in the morn. As we turned on the block where we parked we saw that the car was not there. I turned to Ramadan and said, “dude wheres the car?” He was like Mal “that Is not funny, right now.” We then thought we parked it somewhere else. We walked around and ended up in the same spot. It was then that we realized the car must have been towed. Why didn’t we think that it was stolen? I don’t know, we just knew better I suppose. Now for those of you who are not famailiar with it, the New York impound is like a very drunk United Nation. Every walk of life and no matter what your socioeconomic status was, nobody gets special treatment. It sucks for everybody. The night we went there there were 2 cops who got towed, 2 very drunken women, some loud frat boys who were fall down drunk and some Boricuas from LES, to name a few.
Before we hailed the taxi we just said whatever happens, happens and that we would just accept it. We were not going to stress anything and just be as patient as we could. We knew resistance was futile. There was no way we could do anything to speed this process up, so why try to fight what is? When we got there we, we got a ticket that we would have to pay. However, we had to wait to be called to pay it. So we sat and waited to be called. We paid the ticket and had to wait again for our car to be called. We watched as the drunk girls did not have enough money to pay for their car and were now being loud and angry. We watched as the cops demanded that they get their car out first and the lady behind the desk said no. For the most part everyone was upset and the feeling was tense. No matter what, Ramadan and I remained calm and patient and accepted what is. By the time we were called to get the car, we had been there for about 45 minutes. We got the car with no hassles. 45 minutes in and out of the compound at this time must have been some kind of record!!! People who were already there when we got there were still there after we left. When we got in the car we laughed about what we had saw and were very pleased with how fast we got out of there. I feel like our calm, patient and accepting attitudes, helped turn what could have been a disaster into an added adventure in an already fun night. All because we accepted what was and just went with the flow. By the way, as I sit here write this today, I can’t help but wonder why so many blatantly drunk people were able to get their cars and drive off.

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