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An Enjoyable Thursday Evening

There are numerous benefits to meditation.  Some are profound and life changing realizations, for some the benefits of mediation improve health and well being.  Meditation can deepen or begin a relationship of a spiritual basis, both with others and yourself or creator.  However, sometimes meditation benefits you in less profound, yet still important ways.

I am a huge Chicago Bears fan.  My wife always says that I need to do more deep breathing while watching their games on Sundays.  One Thursday some years back, the Bears had a game against the Vikings I believe.  I woke up, excited about he game. The day went along fine, ups and downs, the usual.  At the time I was teaching in the Bronx and had an hour and a half commute to my girlfriends (now wife’s) apartment in Prospect Heights.  As the 2 train pulled into the Grand Army Plaza station, I received a message on my phone.  My girlfriend wanted me to go to Target and pick up a few items.  UGGHH was my first reaction, this was during the holiday season, it was cold out and Target would be a zoo. I begrudgingly hopped back on the 2 and got off at Atlantic.

As I predicted Target was busy, as I was about to get on line to pay, my girlfriend sent me a text about some items she forgot to tell me about. I had to get off the line grab some detergent and get back on line.  At this point I was starting to get a little grumpy.  Target was busy and the lines were long.  I was tired, hungry, getting aggravated with my girlfriend and worse of all it looked as if I was going to miss KICKOFF!!!

Just as I was getting more and more aggravated, I started taking some what I call peace and calm breaths.  As I breathed in slowly, in my mind I said “peace”, when I breathed out I said “and calm”.  I was starting to relax and accepted the fact that I was going to miss kickoff, maybe even the first quarter.  At this point there was nothing I could do so why be mad?  Just then my girlfriend called again, I took a few more breaths and felt my inner body awareness before picking up the phone.  I was quite surprised when she informed that she was at a fancy burger joint with her friends and wanted to know if she could bring me home anything, All of a sudden things began looking up.  A new register opened up and thus a much shorter line.  To add to my new good fortune, there was a 2 train waiting for me at the station.  I got home just in time to see Devin Hester return the opening kickoff for a touchdown!!  Plus I had a real good burger coming my way.  The Bears played well and won the game.

I really believe my fortune changed when I started doing the peace and calm breaths.  I believe that as I calmed down, I was able to relax and just enjoy the moment as it was. As soon as I was able to do that,  my situation improved.  Sometime in life it is the day-to-day, moment-to-moment things that are most important.

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