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Tao of Mal is a quick and effective way for people to relax and feel calm in any situation.  I have taken the spirituality and philosophy out of meditation and instead have come up with breathing and relaxation techniques that are applicable for real world situations.  At work, Tao of Mal will help you stay calm and focused and therefore become a happier and more productive worker.  Tao of Mal will help you relax and release the stress of the day, so when you are at home you can be more at ease and  in the present moment with your spouse and children.

  • When you are in a relaxed state, you tend to be less tense which will lead you to be happier and in a better mood.
  • Being in a state of calm and relaxation can help others who are tense and anxious to relax and be calm themselves, especially in particularly tough times or situations
  • When we are feeling happy and in a good emotional place at work, we tend to make decisions and be much more efficient in the way we do our work
  • Staying calm and stress free will help you focus more on what is really important in life; our families, friends, hobbies and other enjoyable moments
  • The health benefits are numerous: Increased immunity, lower blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease to name a few.


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